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Uelner Executive Board Room

By Bry Cain

While the ISU Alumni Center is the forever home of Cyclones everywhere, many people who visit don’t realize we can also use the building to host your events! Both alumni and friends can rent the ISU Alumni Center for an event of their choosing – and members get a special discount!

The professional event coordinators at the ISU Alumni Center (Brooke, Bry, and Angela) have done a wide range of events — from weddings to memorials, tailgates to career fairs, graduations, meetings, showers, conferences, and holiday parties.

One of our building’s biggest draws is the art and memorabilia we have. If you haven’t been here for an event, you NEED to stop by the next time you’re in Ames. We have ISU fun facts lining the walls, and there’s donated art memorabilia on every floor. Many of our items are things you won’t see anywhere else! A few of my favorites are the Spirit of Iowa State mosaic mural, the pillars in the Eggerling ISU Traditions Garden, and Cyclone Tower.

building photos

Spirit of Iowa State, by Clint Hansen ’87

The Spirit of Iowa State mural can be found on the third floor in the Mente Boyd Reception Area; the Eggerling ISU Traditions Garden is located on the northwest side of the building; and Cyclone Tower is outside the building on the west side in the Slater South Garden. On football gamedays you’ll see it spin and play music. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the lighting effects and hear the thunder!

Print2018 marks our 10th year in this beautiful building donated by ISU alumni and friends, with special thanks to Roy & Bobbi Reiman. Since we opened, we have done more than 5,400 events in our 10 rental areas. These events have resulted in more than 290,000 guests through our doors!

Will your event be next? Call us at (515) 294-4625 and we will take it from there!

Bry Cain is an ISU Alumni Center Program Assistant. For tips and assistance planning your wedding or event at the ISU Alumni Center, call Brooke, Bry, or Angela at (515) 294-4625 or visit www.isualumnicenter.org.

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