Surrounding Keith and Kathie Ervin (center) are family members Susan Judkins-Josten, Bob Josten, Whitney Judkins, Eric Elben, Bill Ervin, Daniel Ervin, Roxanne Ervin, Alexandra Thompson, Kirstin Robinson, Sean Gassen, and Carol Gassen.


When Keith and Kathie Ervin celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this fall, their family wanted to do something special for them, so they arranged a visit to the Iowa State campanile and a special carillon concert on central campus.

Keith (’56 industrial administration) and Kathie (’56 home economics) met on a blind date in the Memorial Union back when they were students at Iowa State. They were married in Philadelphia on Sept. 1, 1956, and they’ve lived in Vinton, Iowa, for 58 years, where they own and manage Ervin Motor Co. The couple has three grown children: Susan, Carol, and William.

Kathie couldn’t remember specifically if she and Keith had campaniled when they were students.

img_4626“I’m sure we did,” she said, smiling.

Just as we were assembling the family for a group photo, we noticed a young couple happily campaniling. Turns out Nick Schramm (’12 computer engineering) just asked his girlfriend, Kristen Muehlenthaler (’12 computer engineering), to marry him.

Love is definitely in the air.



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