Five Things

Here are five things to put on your Cardinal & Gold radar this week:

1) This week the Iowa Board of Regents will consider a proposed $300 tuition increase for in-state students at Iowa’s state universities. Last week, ISU President Steven Leath says he supports the proposal. In a released statement, Leath said the following:

“Over the past decade, we have experienced a 41 percent enrollment increase, which is a testimony to the value of an Iowa state education. However, with enrollment exceeding 36,000, we have a significant need to add new faculty in order to maintain high quality and an appropriate student-to-faculty ratio. Tuition has increased only $100 for resident undergraduate students over the past three years. Even with the proposed increase, Iowa State would continue to be the most affordable university among our group or peer research universities.”

The Board of Regents meets this Wednesday and Thursday on the ISU campus.

Paul Rhoads 2

2) It’s been six months since ISU made a head coaching change in its football program, and it has given former Cyclone coach Paul Rhoads, now a position coach at the University of Arkansas, some time to reflect. The Des Moines Register‘s Tommy Birch recently spoke with Rhoads, who says he’s enjoying his new role, that he would have done a few things differently if he’d had his time at ISU over again, that he’s realized he needs to embrace social media, and that he’ll remain close to the Cyclone athletics program — including following his former team as well as his son, Wyatt, who remains a member of the Cyclone track and field team.


3) If you enjoy following Jim Heemstra’s Iowa State Photo of the Week on our website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed every week, you may also enjoy seeing the great work our new undergraduate intern, Mumbi Kasumba — a senior in journalism and mass communication, is doing adding more campus photography to our Instagram feed. Follow us in that space and see more great campus images, courtesy of an ISU student who shares Jim’s passion for the campus as a muse. (Because, really: Can you ever get enough pretty photos of campus? We think not.)

4) If you’re in the Des Moines area, we have a couple of great events coming up for you this month, including a Young Alumni Night at Blank Park Zoo’s Zoo Brew this Wednesday and a bicycle ride from Confluence Brewing Co. to the Valley Junction Farmer’s Market June 16.

But Des Moines isn’t the only place to find fun summer events with your fellow Cyclones, of course: Check out details on a social with ISU AD Jamie Pollard in Dallas June 14, an evening at Cedar Ridge Winery with the ISUAA Club of Linn and Johnson Counties June 17, and a “Celebrate State” cocktail event in Denver June 23. All the latest alumni events and activities can be found on our online calendar or by downloading the Iowa State Alumni app for your smartphone. Hope to see you at an event soon!


5) Today is National Gardening Exercise Day — a day designed to honor all the health benefits afforded by being one with the dirt. According to ISU Extension, gardening provides both cardio and aerobic exercise and that an hour of moderate gardening can burn up to 300 calories for women, and almost 400 calories for men. Mowing the grass equals a vigorous walk, bending and stretching while planting compares to an exercise class, and hauling plants and soil is like weightlifting. Celebrate today by spending some time working in your yard — get some of the latest yard care tips from Extension here.


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