Career Corner: Time to Clean Your Office?

By Katie Lickteig, Assistant Director of Outreach & Events

When you look at your workspace right now, what do you see? Stacks of papers and magazines (from several months ago)? Empty soda bottles from the previous week? Or maybe your desk is actually free of “stuff,” but upon closer inspection you notice a layer of dust coating everything and files so thick you can barely close your filing cabinet drawer?

In our office, we have scheduled a few half days devoted to cleaning out our files during the summer. As a staff, we know it’s too easy to get sucked into your inbox or start your next project if the person in the office next to you isn’t sorting through their files as well.

The next time you think you might need to go through your files or clean your office, just do it. There will always be an excuse to not do it, but you’ll feel a lot more productive, organized, and energized after it’s done. And you’ll probably end up with some extra space that you can use to start collecting more files!


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