Cy’s Suitcase Travel News: June 2015

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Travel Tips

1) Make sure your cell phone number is on your luggage tag. If someone grabs your bag by mistake and discovers it before they leave the airport or the parking ramp, they can call you before you get too far.

2) If you have a copy of a valuable document, it’s easier to replace the original. In fact, make two sets of photocopies of your passport or driver’s license. (For debit and credit cards, just record the numbers, rather than photocopy them.) Pack one copy and leave the other with a friend at home to be faxed or emailed to you in case of an emergency.

3) Get your shut eye: Some people have trouble sleeping in a hotel room because the drapes won’t stay overlapped enough to keep the sunlight out. If you don’t have anything to keep them shut, head for the closet and a pants hanger that clamps together, and stick them on the drapes.

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Upcoming trips

  • Passage to the Patagonia & the Antarctic
    (Jan. 26-Feb. 15)
  • Mystical India
    (Feb. 14-March 1)
  • Tanzania Wildlife Safari
    (Feb. 22-March 4)
    Shellie says: “I was fortunate to host this trip last year and it was amazing! We slept in luxury tents, heard the sounds from the African plains at night, and had elephants visit us at our camp! The guides were so amazing. They truly love their country and what they do. They are knowledgeable, considerate, and have a great sense of humor! Seeing all the animals, including the big five, was beyond words. Truly the trip of a lifetime. I recommend this trip highly!
  • Atolls & Islands
    (March 25-April 4)

Please go to for a complete listing of our trips.