Catering Spotlight: Cookies, etc.

angelaCheck out some great event-planning tips from our ISU Alumni Center team. This piece was written by Angela Horner, ISU Alumni Center Program Assistant. For more tips and assistance planning a special event at the ISU Alumni Center, call Angela, Lexi, or Brooke at (515) 294-4625 or visit

Over the next several weeks, we will be putting each of our approved caterers in the “spotlight” and giving them a chance to answer a few questions about their food, beverages, and services. This week Cookies, etc. is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

  1. Who or what influences your catering?

As a specialty caterer we love sharing our made-from-scratch cookies!  We use family recipes to make our ¼ lb. cookies and cater them fresh from the oven.  The lessons I learned in my mom’s kitchen influence me daily: “Always try to improve on what you did yesterday”; “You eat with your eyes as well as your stomach”; and, one I tell my employees, “If you say that’s good enough, it isn’t.”

  1. What sets your catering business apart from others in the industry?

We’re unique in the industry—scratch made items that are incredibly fresh.  It is our policy to sell our products the same day they are baked.  We want customers to get the best quality product we can make.  In addition to our ¼ lb. cookies we also make large decorated and mini cookies by special order along with muffins and cinnamon rolls.

  1. What is one thing most people do not know about your business?

Many people think we are a franchise business.  My family started our business 30+ years ago using our own cookie recipes and family members continue to own/manage 3 locations along with a national mail order business today.

  1. cookiesWhat is your most popular menu item?

Chocolate chip cookies have always been #1.

For more information about ISU Alumni Center approved caterers click here.

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