Five-Question Catering Spotlight: ISU Catering

angelaCheck out some great event-planning tips from our ISU Alumni Center team. This piece was written by Angela Horner, ISU Alumni Center Program Assistant. For more tips and assistance planning a special event at the ISU Alumni Center, call Angela, Lexi, or Brooke at (515) 294-4625 or visit

Over the next several weeks, we will be putting each of our approved caterers in the “spotlight” and giving them a chance to answer a few questions about their food, beverages, and services. First up is ISU Catering, and we know this post is going to make you hungry – guaranteed!

  1. Who or what influences your catering?
    We blend contemporary culinary style with the honesty and simplicity of classic Midwestern cooking to provide meals rich in cultural influences from the heartland.
  1. What sets your catering business apart from others in the industry?
    What sets us apart, is the broad range of meal and service options available to those in the greater Ames area. Our full-service catering is a one-stop-shop operation that covers every meal type, all the needed supplies, equipment, decorations, and trained servers and managers to ensure a perfect event.
  1. What is one thing most people do not know about your business?
    ISU Catering is often confused with being just a part of the university’s residential dining service. But what most people don’t know is that ISU Catering has five, professionally degreed chefs that support the catering operation. That and the fact that we handle almost 5,000 catering events annually.
  1. What is your chef’s favorite entrée to make?
    Prime rib would be high on the list – roasting larger cuts of meat is a great challenge. You can’t rush the process and still expect great results. We combine this and other cuts of meat, such as pork belly and beef short rib, with “low and slow” cooking until fork-tender. The results always make a lasting impression on our customers.
  1. What is your most popular menu item?
    Everything. Ok, so if I have to pick something it would be all the pork entrees which are all fabulous…or maybe the Champagne Cashew Chicken…of course there’s the Homemade Buttermilk Brownie…and the Carmelita Bar….see…everything.

For more information about ISU Alumni Center approved caterers click here.

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