Five Things

Here are five things to put on your Cardinal & Gold radar this week:

1) As the June 30 deadline for its final recommendation approaches, the VEISHEA Task Force took another step forward at its meeting last Thursday night. On June 5, the group voted to discontinue VEISHEA in its current form, and on June 12 the task force voted 11-3 to move forward with recommending a different overarching, university-wide celebration and 12-3-1 to abandon the name “VEISHEA.” Faculty Senate rep Michael Owen was one who voted “no” to creating an alternative celebration. Owen pointed out that students will still associate a celebration with drinking, no matter the name. What a potential alternative celebration might look like and when it might be held will be the subject of this week’s task force discussion. Follow the task force’s work online at President Leath will have the final say this summer.

2) The big news coming out of this month’s Board of Regents meeting was an approved change to the state’s model for funding its public universities. The new model seeks to balance out some inequities that resulted from adhering to a percent annual increase formula over the last 50 years (the University of Iowa currently receives almost half of all funding, with the University of Northern Iowa bringing up the rear at a mere 18 percent). While the plan is not without its detractors — particularly in Iowa City, a large number have praised it as best for the state. The Des Moines Register‘s recent editorial endorsing the new plan explains the details.

3) A recent Forbes article online identified Iowa State as a university to “buy” if “colleges were a stock market.” Author Rich Karlgaard says land-grant universities are currently on the rise, as private colleges start pricing themselves out of the market — and out of relevancy. “Make no mistake: The expensive liberal arts colleges in America are going down — fast and hard. If colleges were a stock market, I’d short the heck out of Haverford, Brandeis, Smith and their ilk,” he writes. “I’d buy America’s great public universities known for their strength in science and engineering, and I’d be biased toward universities with a land-grant history.” We’re biased too, of course — but we appreciate the sentiment.

4) We know Johnny Orr once played professional basketball in Waterloo, Iowa, but last week we learned about another Iowa-based professional sports connection to ISU — this time on the baseball diamond.  Eighteen former Iowa Staters (like recent Hall of Fame inductee and World Series champ Mike Myers) have played major league ball — but do you know the story of Wyoming, Iowa, native Dutch Levsen? Levsen played professional baseball in Cedar Rapids for a team called — wait for it — the Bunnies. Read more about him on the Cedar Rapids Kernels blog. Thanks to the Kernels for bringing the history to life for us. (The ISUAA Club of Linn & Johnson Counties’ ISU Day at the Kernels was Saturday, by the way.)

5) Today ESPN released its list of top 50 men’s college basketball coaches. Although we all know The Mayor is No. 1, we’ll take 15th.


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