Meet the 2014 Iowa STATEment Makers: Tyler Weig

Iowa STATEment Makers is a recognition program of the Iowa State University Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Council, honoring graduates of the past 10 years who have made strong statements in careers, entrepreneurial endeavors, academics, community service, or personal achievements. There are 17 honorees for 2014, and we’re introducing each of them to you here on the blog.

Weig photo

Des Moines, Iowa
Annual Member

In the summer of 2005, Tyler (’05 community health education) made headlines when he bicycled 4,000 miles across the United States to raise money for the American Cancer Society. It was a remarkable accomplishment, but Tyler’s selfless acts didn’t end there. In January 2013, he was in the news again for another extraordinary feat: donating a healthy kidney to a stranger. A Jan. 12, 2013 Des Moines Register headline proclaimed: “Five people get transplants thanks to one man’s desire to help others.” Tyler told VISIONS magazine: “The world is full of wonderfully miraculous opportunities to join together to create something greater than ourselves. I’m so lucky to be just one part of the tremendous team of doctors, nurses, social workers, hospital staff, family, friends, caregivers, media, strangers, donors, recipients, supporters, etc., that made the kidney donation a reality.” Today Tyler works as the executive director of Des Moines’ South Suburban YMCA and continues to find new ways to reach out and make a difference for others.

Tyler on…

….his favorite college memory: “Making new friends while learning about the world, others, and myself”

…the movie he’s always quoting: “Rocky I, II, III, IV, V, and VI”

…his guilty pleasure: “chips and salsa”

…what would make the world a better place: “If world leaders would focus more on their responsibility, not their power.”



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