Five Things

Here are five things to put on your Cyclone radar this week:

1) When Wyatt Rhoads, son of ISU head football coach Paul Rhoads, decided to make a video last week asking Paige Hoiberg, daughter of ISU head men’s basketball coach Fred Hoiberg, to the Gilbert High School Prom, he probably never imagined that the Ames to NYC #promposal would go viral. But that’s exactly what happened, with news outlets across the country picking up the cute, if not also a bit goofy, story. When asked to comment about the whole thing, Paige’s father simply had this to say: “I’m a better dancer than Wyatt Rhoads is a singer. And that’s a fact.”

2) Iowa State researchers Douglas Gentile and Craig Anderson have published numerous studies on the negative effects of violent video games on children. And now, they’ve published new research that focuses on how children develop lasting thought patterns as a result of playing aggressive games. Read more about the latest study, which was published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, on the university homepage.

The ISUAA staff helping load the images into the truck this morning.

The ISUAA staff this morning helping load the VISIONS Across America images into the truck for Brunnier.

3) Our staff is busy this morning helping move more than 100 framed portraits to the Brunnier Art Museum for Thursday’s opening of “VISIONS Across America: Portraits of Iowa State Alumni by Jim Heemstra,” the companion art exhibition to the special spring issue of the magazine. The public is invited to the opening reception Friday from 5-8 p.m., and everyone around here is pretty darned excited. The rain even cleared in time for us to load up the truck in beautiful weather. So far, so good. See you Friday!

Only Jim Heemstra would help load a truck with a camera around his neck.

Only Jim Heemstra would help load a truck with a camera around his neck.

4) The Cyclone men’s basketball team may have lost in the Sweet 16 to Connecticut on Friday, but it will go down as one of the most fascinating and feisty squads in school history. And boy, does the team ever have stories to tell. How much do you know, for example, about Daniel Edozie — the junior who got his first career start against North Carolina in the third round of the NCAA tourney after Georges Niang broke his foot? Sports Illustrated recently penned a feature on the 6-foot, 8-inch forward, detailing his background as a homeless teenager in Los Angeles and his unconventional break into big-time ball. It’s a great read.

And while we’re on the subject of ISU men’s hoops, is there any reason NOT to think the future is bright when our returners have attitudes like this? At 2:09 a.m. after the loss to the Huskies, freshman guard Monte Morris tweeted: “2:09 a.m. Can’t sleep! Wish I could head to the gym.”

If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about this team’s attitude, not sure what does. Next season is already looking bright!

The ISUAA Club of Seattle volunteering with Habitat for Humanity during Cy's Days of Service 2013.

The ISUAA Club of Seattle volunteering with Habitat for Humanity during Cy’s Days of Service 2013.

5) The coming of April tomorrow means a lot of things to Iowa Staters — practical jokes, less snow and maybe even some flowers, Senior Week, VEISHEA…and for the third year in a row, it also means Cy’s Days of Service. CDOS lasts the whole month of April and is basically a program for Iowa State alumni, students, and friends all over the world to do community service projects that help spread the VEISHEA spirit. A CDOS project can be anything: donating blood, helping an elderly or disabled neighbor, volunteering at your local food bank, or serving on a nonprofit board. No matter what you do in April, we want to hear about it. Cy’s Days of Service allows us to measure the collective impact of Cyclone Nation all over the world. So log your hours and send us a picture for our website and/or VISIONS magazine. We know we can beat last year’s total of 3,235 hours. Let’s go, STATE!



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