Five Things

Here are five things to put on your Cyclone radar this week:

1) Isaiah Keller, a kindergartener at Perkins Elementary in Des Moines, was a Twitter sensation last week after his homework assignment on “How to Make a Slam Dunk Like Melvin Ejim” was shared online. In it, Isaiah imparts such nuggets of wisdom as “make sure you have a basketball hoop” and “jump up.” And yes, Melvin retweeted this on his feed. So looks like Isaiah had it pretty much right.



Kate Arends — image via Wit & Delight dot com.

2) We told you in ISU News Flash and on social media a couple of weeks ago that ISU alumna Kate Arends (’06 graphic design) has been selected by Target to design a collection of party supplies. Why did she get this gig? Because she has more than 2.6 million followers on Pinterest, that’s why. What we didn’t tell you was that, just a few days before Target announced its partnership with these Pinterest prodigies, VISIONS editor Carole Gieseke and photographer Jim Heemstra were in Minneapolis doing a story on Kate. They didn’t even know about the Target partnership until they got there, as Kate was already newsworthy enough given her blogging and Pinterest success. Jim photographed Kate in her pajamas — something she’s often wearing while she works on her blog Wit & Delight in the evening hours after a hard day’s graphic design work. Next month, however, the newlywed is taking a plunge and “going full-time Wit & Delight.” To wit, we’re delighted.

Watch for more on Kate in a forthcoming issue of VISIONS magazine…and keep an eye out for her stuff at Target. For the record, this won’t be the first time Kate has been featured in VISIONS. As an Irish-dancing student, she was one of the “20 most intriguing people on campus” in our spring 2006 issue. And her father, John Arends ’77, has been featured in VISIONS and on the VISIONS Across America blog as the writer of the original screenplay Trice.

3) The ISU Letterwinners Club announced its 2014 Hall of Fame class on Friday. The six-member class features the first of what is likely to be several Bill Fennelly-era women’s basketball players: Jayme Olson, an All-American who led the Cyclones to their first NCAA tournament appearance (1997) and win (1998). Also included will be a College Football Hall of Famer and national football coach of the year: John Cooper, who was a member of ISU’s “Dirty Thirty,” went on to win nine league titles as a head football coach at Tulsa, Arizona State, and Ohio State. The class will be inducted in a special ceremony on Sept. 5 at the ISU Alumni Center.

4) George Clooney’s “The Monuments Men” is currently playing in theaters, but did you know there is an Iowa State connection to the real-life story of these World War II-era art rescuers? The Des Moines Register‘s Michael Morain last week brought us the story of Bonaparte, Iowa, native Gladys Hamlin. Hamlin was an ISU art history professor during WWII who helped write the 1944 how-to guide that was provided to the “Monuments Men.”

5) February looks sort of brown and white outside in Ames, but it’s definitely the “greenest” month on campus. The fifth annual Symposium on Sustainability will be held tomorrow in the Memorial Union. The afternoon events can be viewed remotely, or come to campus tonight for best-selling author Alan Weisman’s lecture, “Our last best hope?” to learn about the impact of overpopulation and tomorrow night for Des Moines mayor Frank Cownie’s presentation on “Climate Preparedness and Resilient Cities: What it Means in Iowa.”

livegreen-rankinIowa State has always been among the nation’s leaders in campus sustainability, as director of sustainability Merry Rankin (you may remember this picture of her hugging a tree that appeared in the fall 2010 issue of VISIONS) has been working since 2009 to promote initiatives for students, departments, and facilities on campus. “Going green has been called a lot of things,” Rankin told VISIONS in that 2010 interview. “Sustainability is so much larger than that. It’s also economic sustainability and taking care of your communities.”

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