Five Things

Here are five things to put on your Cyclone radar this week:

1)    If you’re not following new Cyclone offensive coordinator Mark Mangino on Twitter yet, you probably should be. The dude packs some serious motivation into 140 characters. Heck, his handle is “KeepSawinWood.” That alone should get you fired up, not just for the 2014 Cyclone football season, but for your morning staff meeting!


2)    Author and social critic Os Guinness is speaking tonight in the Memorial Union Great Hall. The great-grandson of Arthur Guinness the beer guy, he has born in China during World War II, educated in Britain, and has now written 38 books. His latest is “The Global Public Square,” which champions freedom of thought, conscience, and religion. He’ll be talking about religious freedom in tonight’s lecture, which starts at 7 p.m.

On top of being a noted scholar, Guinness has a fascinating life story. His grandparents were medical missionaries, and he lived in China until his family was expelled under Mao’s reign of terror in 1951. He is a survivor of the Henan famine of 1943, which killed 5 million people in three months, including his two brothers. You can meet him tonight on campus. Just one of many awesome  opportunities provided by the ISU Lectures Program.

3)    February is Black History Month. Don’t forget that Iowa State is the only FBS school in the country that has a football stadium named after a black athlete or coach — Jack Trice. Carver Hall on our campus is also named after a rather prominent alumnus, too.

4)    This idea of “professors living in poverty” has gotten quite a bit of attention in the media lately. The idea is that, in order to cut budgets, universities are hiring mostly adjunct faculty to avoid paying benefits. But Iowa State has maintained a healthy commitment to its faculty. There’s still quite a bit of buzz on campus about the Feb. 7 Des Moines Register coverage of Iowa State’s rather awesome distinction as the only U.S. university to both increase faculty and make cuts in other areas.  It’s a great point of pride for ISU, and a few days later it was pretty cool to see a photo of Birch-Welch-Roberts pasted on’s education blog under the headline “Doing Higher Ed Right.”

“I hope every university in the country looks to Iowa State’s…shining example,” Rebecca Schuman writes, “and realizes that not only will nobody die if we defund public education, but that tuition doesn’t actually have to skyrocket if one deigns to pay professors a living wage.”


5)    Ever wanted to know what goes into a Jim Heemstra VISIONS magazine photo shoot? We’ve got you covered. In fact, we’ll do you one better. We are currently counting down to the big opening of the art exhibit VISIONS Across America: Portraits of Iowa State Alumni by Jim Heemstra, which will be open in the Brunnier Art Museum April 3-Aug. 9. (Opening reception April 4 – please come!) If you follow the ISUAA on Facebook, we’ll be providing FIFTY-ONE(!) behind-the-scenes tidbits from the most ambitious VISIONS magazine project ever. (It goes a little past “story” status when you travel 30,000 miles in rental cars and talk to 129 different alumni.) We’ll be giving you some of the details you won’t see in the magazine (special issue coming in March) and art exhibit. Think of it as VISIONS Across America – unfiltered.

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