Catching up: With a passionate ISU ambassador

grote_jonFormer Cyclones cheerleader Jon Grote (’08 business management & finance) is a member of the finance office of the Iowa Air National Guard in Des Moines. The Young Alumni Council recently caught up with Jon to find out a little more about his passion for service — of the Guard and as an ISU alum.

1. Tell us a little bit about your family.
I am married to an Iowa State grad and we reside in Huxley, Iowa. She teaches for the Ames Community School District. We are expecting our first child in January, and we are extremely excited and nervous.

2. How did Iowa State help to lead you to where you are now?
With my degree in finance I was able to be hired by the finance office at the 132nd Fighter Wing. Iowa State played a big role in helping me achieve the passion to serve my country and to work where my skills in finance are utilized.

3. What makes you passionate about the Iowa State experience?
While at Iowa State I was not only able to gain a degree, but I was able to meet a lot of people with whom I am still friends with today. I am also married to an Iowa State graduate. If it wasn’t for a mutual friend and my future wife to go back to Iowa State to get her teaching degree, I probably would not be married today. I also enjoyed all the extracurricular activities such as various intramurals, cheerleading, and study sessions at the library. Last, but not least, Coach Paul Rhoads, Coach Bill Fennelly, and Coach Fred Hoiberg make me passionate about Iowa State.

4. How do you continue to be an ambassador for the University?
Besides attending any athletic event that I can, whenever I am asked about Iowa State my answer is inspired and passionate because my experience was awesome and unique. I want to make sure people know that Iowa State is reflected as a tremendous university.

5. What is your favorite Iowa State memory?
Along with meeting my wife while she was at Iowa State, my favorite memory would be receiving the acceptance to attend Iowa State and walking across the stage at my graduation receiving a degree.

Also, who can forget “Big Play Curvey” intercepting the ball for a touchdown in 2005 against Colorado? I think he is still trying to catch his breath.


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