Catching up: With a grateful family farmer


Brianne Streck (’05 ag education and communications) is the grain merchandiser for Flint Hills Resources Ethanol in Arthur, Iowa, and lives on a farm south of Moville, Iowa, raising corn, soybeans, and pigs. Family farming has always been a big part of Streck’s life, so the Oct. 4 tornado that destroyed the home where she grew up was a hardship that brought significant pain but also taught her what really matters this holiday season.

“On any given day, I have so much to be thankful for,” Streck says. “But this year it seems like we have so much more. An EF4 tornado completely destroyed the family farm where I grew up and where we currently farm with my parents. The brevity of life and the insignificance of ‘things’ became clear very quickly. My mom said it best: ‘That’s all just stuff; the important thing is that my family is all here.’

“I continue to be amazed by the strength and the unending support from friends, neighbors, family, and our communities. It is truly great to live and work in rural Iowa.”

1. Tell us a little bit more about yourself.
My husband, Grant, and I have two children: Kadence (4) and Adelyn (2). We bought our first farm in 2011 and also farm with my family. Grant and I are active on the Woodbury County Farm Bureau board and lead the Young Farmer Committee in Woodbury County. We are also Woodbury County 4-H volunteers and participate in various other volunteer organizations.

2. How did Iowa State help lead you to where you are now?
Iowa State provided me with so many opportunities to learn and grow that I couldn’t possibly mention all of them. I think if I had to choose, though, the most important thing Iowa State did was give me the opportunity to meet people and become part of a tight-knit group in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I continue to network with classmates from Iowa State, and my very best friends to this day are from my time there.

3. What makes you passionate about the Iowa State experience?
At Iowa State, I learned what I needed to obtain a job in a field that I love, met my best friends, and “grew up.” I want others to have that same type of experience — learn a lot but have fun, too.

4. How do you continue to be an ambassador for Iowa State?
In both my personal and professional life, it seems that I have opportunities to get back to the university regularly. Whether it is events held in Ames, or recruiting college grads from Iowa State, I continue to stay in touch in some way. And of course, my family proudly supports the Cardinal & Gold on a regular basis

5. What is your favorite Iowa State memory?
The moments I remember most clearly are walking across campus listening to the Campanile, hearing Hilton Magic for the first time, spending time at the Ag 450 Farm, the sea of students in Cyclone Alley after we first got it started, sitting in food service for hours just talking and laughing with friends, and probably the most important moments — meeting and (a year later) becoming engaged to my husband while tailgating for Iowa State football!

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