December 2013 Travel Tips

Check out these great travel tips from the December issue of “Cy’s Suitcase,” the official newsletter of the ISU Alumni Association Traveling Cyclones written by director of alumni travel Shellie Andersen ’88.

Fantastic plastic: Pack your shoes in the free shower caps offered in hotels to protect the clothes in your bag.

Along for the ride: If you can’t afford to lose something you are packing, either financially or emotionally, don’t pack it.

Tummy tamer: If you suffer from motion sickness on a plane, ask for a drink that is half ginger ale and half club soda.

Carry on: Never check any of the following: toothbrush, prescription medications, deodorant, or PJs.

Don’t weigh yourself down: Regardless of size, never bring more than two bags. More than that will be hard to manage and more difficult to keep track of.

On a roll: Rolling non-wrinkle items really does save space.

Extra tip: When considering traveling with Oceania, the 2 for 1 deadline is important for cost savings, but maybe not as important as getting the stateroom you want. The staterooms go fast, so book early!

Sit back and relax
Are you afraid of flying? If so, you aren’t alone. Although you understand the statistic that flying is much safer than traveling by car, it doesn’t help. We’ve heard all the crazy comparisons: how we’re more likely to get struck by lightning, attacked by a shark, or hit on the head by a falling coconut than to perish on a commercial flight.

The odds of dying on a single flight with any of the 30 safest airlines are about 1 in 29.4 million, according to, an aviation industry database of accidents. Even though some of you know that, the rationale to all of that gets left on the ground. If those statistics don’t help, try these sources:

    This site lets you check for potential turbulence before your flight.
    Founded by pilot and author Patrick Smith, this website is a witty mix of fact and entertainment.
  • Flying Without Fear
    This straightforward self-help manual is designed as a guidebook for the frightened flier.

For more on the ISU Alumni Association Traveling Cyclones program, visit our website and Facebook page.


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