Catching up: With a Homecoming Central Committee alum with fond memories of fall


Former Student Alumni Leadership Council Homecoming Central Committee and ISU Cyclone Football “Varsity” Marching Band member Bret Pierce (’03 ag business) farms today near Woodward, Iowa, with his wife Liz Frederick Pierce (’99 ag studies) — whom he married July 6 — as well as with his parents, aunts, and uncles. “We have corn, soybeans, cows, horses, cats and a dog,” he says. “Iowa State gave me the insight into agronomy and economics that help me to make everyday business decisions.” A proud alum, he recently agreed to talk to Young Alumni News about his favorite memories of Iowa State and of football seasons gone by.
1. How did Iowa State and your experience on Homecoming Central help to lead you to where you are now?
It gave me so much experience working with groups of people to achieve goals together through the many organizations I was involved in. The past two years I have co-chaired the Ogden Fun Days celebration that was dwindling to nothing 10 years ago. We have helped to strengthen that tradition using a few of the things I learned as Homecoming co-chair.

2. How do you “live” Iowa State in your everyday life?
Building trust, keeping a good reputation, and being genuine goes a long way. I also feel that being the underdog often keeps me humble. Iowa State really got me to think of things in a different ways, and showed me how to go beyond boundaries. My wife and I love to invent things together and hope to patent something one day.
3. How has being an alumnus of Iowa State helped you to connect with others?
I connect often with my close friends I met at Iowa State, for we can exceed goals as a team. It is truly amazing the network of people that all started from classes and organizations on campus.
4. What is your favorite Iowa State Homecoming memory?
I remember my senior year at the Homecoming football game. I was a right guide for I rank in the ISU Cyclone Football “Varsity” Marching Band. It was a bright, sunny day as we had received our pep talk and were lining up on the sidelines for our pregame show against the Red Raiders. They called for the Homecoming Central Committee to line up on the 50 yard line. They announced our names as we waved on the big screen. A huge crowd cheering. Aaaaaahhhhhh, yes. I ran back to my spot, the whistles sounded, and the cadences began.