Heading to Pinehurst


Back in June David Blum, Kevin Oswald, Tyler Brady, and Johnny Larson claimed victory (in a tiebreaker, actually) at the Alumni Association’s annual Cy’s Birdie Classic golf tournament (next year’s event is set for June 5, 2014 — save the date). The event was held at Tournament Club of Iowa in Polk City and, for the first time, served as a qualifier for the Acura College Alumni Team Championship — a national tournament at which alumni golfers represent their alma maters in a fun, friendly competition for the cup.

Blum, Oswald, Brady, and Larson will be traveling to the championship Oct. 31-Nov. 3 at legendary Pinehurst #2 and #4. “I’m excited about playing Pinehurst #2,” Brady said, “because it will host the U.S. Open for both the men and women next year.”

The golfers were initially motivated to sign up for Cy’s Birdie Classic in large part due to the opportunity to play Pinehurst. Oswald, Larson, and Brady were members of the Cyclone men’s golf team as undergraduates. Former golfer Jeremy Lyons had actually organized the team, but a last-minute conflict forced him to bow out. Blum is a former ISU student who went on to graduate from Palmer Chiropractic School.

Now the group is heading to the championship and is grateful for Acura’s sponsorship. “After seeing that we get a ‘3 Hour Complimentary Test Drive’ of any Acura we want, I changed my ticket to a one-way,” Oswald said. “Might as well drive my new whip home!”

As for sizing up the competition, the players have only minimal information. “I randomly met a guy who will be on the Arizona State team last weekend, “Brady said, “but that’s I know of so far. I also looked up the Missouri guys’ handicaps from last year and they got a lot of shots!” Oswald added that he knows all the members of the University of Nebraska team and that they’re definitely “pretty good.”

No matter what, the golfers are in for a great experience playing the legendary course for the first time and having the opportunity to meet alumni golfers from across the country.

Follow the Acura Facebook page and Twitter feed for information leading up to the tournament and check back for more updates and photos from the team as they share their experience while at Pinehurst.


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