Holding your Pinterest


Posted by Kate Bruns, Associate Director of Communications

When it comes to alumni relations (and certainly other nonprofit and business enterprises, too), social media can be something of a mystery, especially with limited staff and resources. What sites are important to use, and which ones should you skip? With more than a billion users, Facebook is obviously a no-brainer. Twitter and LinkedIn seem popular with ISU alumni. And of course we know that all the best — and strangest — recipes come “from Pinterest.”

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have always made sense to us at the Alumni Association. But Pinterest? We don’t generate a lot of recipes or craft ideas or amazing uses for everyday objects over here; would anyone pay attention to our Pinterest boards without these gems?

But the members of our Young Alumni Council pushed us to think outside of the box: Why not Pinterest? Shouldn’t Jim Heemstra’s beautiful photos and our selection of Cyclone merchandise live in another place? What about your staff’s awesome expertise in the areas of travel and wedding planning?¬† Suddenly, Pinterest made sense and, with that, we were ALL IN.

So, though our boards have been active for a while, I am excited today to officially invite you to connect with us on Pinterest. We’re still growing, but we hope you’ll like some of the boards we already have up and running:

  • ISU Wedding Style – All about how to plan a wedding on campus, in the ISU Alumni Center, or with Cardinal & Gold touches. Props to our awesome ISU Alumni Center student interns for making this board so great.
  • Jim Heemstra’s Photo of the Week – You know it, you love it. Enough said.
  • Traveling Cyclones – Travel tips, inspiration, and the latest about the tours we offer each year.
  • VISIONS Across America – Another way to follow Jim’s and Carole’s 50-state tour…soon to conclude in the great state of Iowa, but with much to look forward as the special commemorative issue is published in the springtime.
  • How do you live Iowa State? – We want to know. Have decorating ideas? Custom license plates? Pets or kids who show their school spirit? Send me your pics at kbruns@iastate.edu and I’ll include them not only in our Facebook gallery, but also on this inspiring Pinterest board for anyone who doesn’t think it’s cheesy to wear your Cardinal & Gold heart on your sleeve.
  • Cyclone Style for Men, Cyclone Style for Women, and Cyclone Style for Little Ones — Speaking of sleeves, of course we have a board for all the latest Cardinal & Gold fashions — both in and out of our ISUAA online store.

And of course you can just follow ALL our boards if you’d like. We hope to add some new ones in the near future. And thanks for your patience with us — mostly with me — as we figure this all out. Maybe we’ll throw in a crock pot recipe or two just for fun — or by accident.

How do you use Pinterest? What would you like to see the ISU Alumni Association pin?


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