LinkedIn: Did you know?

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Do you use it very often? If not, you might not be aware of the LinkedIn Alumni search feature. Here is a quick guide of how you can access it and use this feature to aid in your job search.

Step 1:
After logging in to your LinkedIn account, go to the Contacts menu. As you move your cursor over Contacts, a drop down menu will appear. “Iowa State University” should appear at the bottom of your menu. Click on this. (You will need to have your ISU degree information included in your LinkedIn profile for this to appear. Also, if you hold degrees from multiple institutions and have them all listed on your profile, all of those institutions should appear in the drop down menu.)


Step 2:
Using the available search features, you can find Cyclones (who have a LinkedIn profile) that graduated or attended ISU during a specific set of years.


Step 3:
You can also narrow your search by a geographic region (Des Moines was used as the example below), where they work, and what they do. After making your selections, LinkedIn will show a list of ISU alumni who fit your criteria.



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